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Maher Darwiche

Maher comes from an entrepreneurial background where he has co-founded, with his twin brother AFTCo. (American Food Trading Company); an importer/exporter of US and European fast-moving consumer goods in Lebanon. He has also helped with the early stages of launching Board Games Unlimited – Multiverse, the first board games café in Lebanon.

Maher moved to Boston, almost three years ago, mainly for his work at AFTCo.; but also hoping to obtain US citizenship, after receiving his Green Card a few years back.

Maher explains that moving to Boston has helped him tremendously in his “self-acceptance” journey. He often describes the stark contrasts between Boston and Beirut, where being gay is not yet completely legal. Although not an asylum seeker himself, AsylumConnect’s mission speaks to Maher on a very personal level; he has decided to join our team to make the transition easier for those LGBT asylum seekers in the U.S.


The AsylumConnect catalog can currently connect you with verified LGBTQ- and immigrant-friendly services in the United States, Canada and Mexico

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